Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer straight forward pricing! Our objective is to provide our customers with an accurate price for what it will cost to finish the project with quality products. Our pricing isn’t like you find with typical contractors, low quality fixtures and finishes to make their price the lowest. We look at the project and put together an estimate with high value products, that are going to make the project look and perform great when finished. As it should be, the home owner will have the final say in what finishes are put in their home. Any change orders will be approved by the home owner prior to installation. Our ultimate goal, to give our customers the home of their dreams!

Our typical process is setting up a free in-home estimate. You can reach us via telephone or email. We will have one of our project managers come look at the project. If you have plans, please have them ready for us when we arrive. If you don’t have plans, don’t worry we can help with basic design ideas. If needed, we have design architects that can be retained on an hourly basis. The objective of the first visit is to get an idea of what the project looks like and the finished goal. Based off our initial visit, we can put some fairly accurate numbers together on what the finished project will cost. However, there is usually a second meeting that is required to discuss some of the details on what finishes and fixtures will be used. Once all the details are worked out- the actual final price can be calculated, minus change orders that are requested during the project. Any change orders are reviewed by the homeowner prior to instillation. We look forward to working with you to build the home of your dreams!

We have been in business for over 30 years. All of our staff have years of construction experience. We have formal training from traditional four year colleges, technical schools, and real life experience. In addition, we take all the steps necessary to remain complacent with state licensing requirements. Never hesitate to ask for any of our licenses or insurance certificates.

We all have a slightly different story of how and why we decided to have a career in construction. However, the one common thread, is that we all liked the feeling of pride that comes from taking a blueprint or an idea to a finished product. It’s always fun to see the excitment on a homeowners face when the project is completed.

Over the years, we have worked with just about every type of customer need imaginable. To list a few, but not limited to, complete home builds, multi-family construction, basement, kitchen, bath remodeling, sun room additions, garage modifications, commercial tenant improvements, and commercial building construction. The list goes on! If you have a common construction need, or you think you might have something unique, please give us a call, we like to work on any type of project.

Every project differs just slightly in complexity, customer desires, and timelines required. However, we don’t collect payment on the balance until the customer is satisfied. Most of our projects go from selection to installed in under four weeks.

Our advice, don’t get lost in all the fancy marketing you see. Do your due diligence and call references. A little work on the front side can save you a lot of headaches on the back side. Most companies that are reputable, and most are, will be glad to give you the phone numbers to some of their customers. The companies that hesitate- probably aren’t worth working with! In addition, don’t make price the deciding factor on the contractor you work with. The company that is the cheapest, is usually never the best. Use the initial meeting with the companies representative and the reference calls to decide if the company is good for you to work with; if everything looks and feels good, but the price isn’t right- think about changing the scope or size of the project. You’ll be much happier if you have a portion of the project done right, than the whole thing done wrong. We are here to help you get the home of your dreams, call us for a free estimate!

What is the look and feel you are trying to accomplish? Are you focused more on achieving a certain look, or on achieving a certain level of performance/durability.